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Package Pick-Up

Looks like we’re on for Sunday May 1st after 2pm. Pick-up will be at my house. 12832 464th ave se North Bend, WA (425) 891 2329

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I have 5 Gallon Jugs of HFCS used for feeding honey bees. They are $40 per jug. If you have bees and want to feed them without having to mix up sugar water contact me. I can meet you somewhere … Continue reading

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Class Canceled

Intermediate beekeeping this Saturday (April 16th) canceled due to lack of enrollment. We’ll try again later in the year.

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Late Package Orders

For those who have been asking, the club orders closed last month. So no new orders through the club are available. Most local places have closed orders for packages for at least a month. However, for those that still want … Continue reading

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Meeting Tomorrow – Tuesday April 12th

6:15 (or so) handing out woodenware until the meeting starts at 7:00. Tim Lawrence will give a talk on honeybee pests and diseases at 7:30 Our own Ken Reid will demonstrate package installation for the beginner section at 8:30. — … Continue reading

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Package Update

The weather in CA has turned the corner and they’re catching up on package production. The latest update from Cal is: “Last week of April possible first week of May but hes working for the last week of April” More … Continue reading

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Foundation for sale

100 sheets of medium wax foundation Dadant crimped wire, (No Hooks) Call for Price Kyle Sproul 425-888-4339

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Bee self-defense mechanisms

Honeybees sealing off contaminated pollen and Al Capone’s coke bottles. Hive entombing

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April Hive Calendar

Splits/Combines/Install Packages Evaluate existing colonies. Weak colonies should be combined with other colonies. Strong colonies are good candidates for splits. Wait until drones are flying to split w/o queen introduction (creation of queens cells). Install packages in good weather (if … Continue reading

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The totals are in

The club ordered a few bees this year. . . 125 packages for a whopping $10k in bees. There’s going to be some great pollination in the valley this year. Package Order Invoice

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