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Honey and Mead Making 101

So, you want to make honey wine? This class offers basic information about Honey, and honey selection, including local types, nectar flows and how it affects the mead. We will also go over how to find beekeepers in your area … Continue reading

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June 4 Meeting – Water for Bees, Queens & Requeening

7:00-7:30  Beginners session (Melody Hooper, Patti Loesche): Q&A, of course. Water for Bees (Melody): Why they need it,  how to provide it. 7:30-8:00  Tea and announcements 8:00-9:00  Main topic (Robert Clark): Queens and Requeening.  Why is it important to have … Continue reading

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Hive Calendar – May

Feed new colonies and monitor existing ones. New colonies should have ample sugar syrup or honey in frames. Warm weather came early this year. Especially in overwintered colonies, watch for signs of swarming: backfilling brood cells with honey, overcrowding, and … Continue reading

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