Equipment Rental

Below is a list of equipment available for rent to SVBA members.  To schedule a rental, contact Diane Price.

Extraction Kit:  $10 for 5 weekdays (Monday -Friday) OR $10 for the weekend (Saturday – Sunday) plus $50 damage deposit.


  • Maxant 3100 electric-motor extractor.  This will process six medium frames at a time radially or three deep frames tangentially.
  • Uncapping tank with drain and honey gate.
  • Electric uncapping knife and electric uncapping plane.

Clean Up and Return:  All equipment must be returned clean and free of debris so as not to attract unwanted visitors to the storage area and as a courtesy to the next user.

Late Fee:  Please return equipment on time. For late returns, a fee of $2 a day will be assessed to a maximum of $25. If equipment is returned excessively late, future checkout privileges will be denied.

Refractometer: Free for use at monthly meetings; just ask.

2 Responses to Equipment Rental

  1. Jerri Johnson says:

    I would like to rent the extractor from Ann. I would need it Oct. 1st. 206-817-0859

  2. Mark Bowers says:

    When everyone else has finished with the extractor and sometime around Nov 2nd. I would like to rent the extractor. I will pay for last usage.

    Mark Bowers

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