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September Hive Calendar

Colonies should start back-filling as knotweed begins to flow. Target hives for 60+ lbs of stores by the end of month. Feed colonies that need it. Combine weak colonies (less than 6 frames of brood) or create nucs for overwintering. … Continue reading

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Apiary Lectures

Ok so I tried to run the first section entirely in the apiary. After some feedback – specifically “where’s the fall prep lecture” I’ve learned a little something. Apiary workshops are good, but follow-up afterwards would ensure the message. Still, … Continue reading

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SVB at Fall Harvest Farm Tour

SVB will have a honey booth at Fall City Farms Saturday (9/24) during the 2011 East King County Harvest Celebration. This tour of seven Snoqualmie Farms is sponsored by Washington State University, King County, and others. Visit farm animals, feed … Continue reading

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