Snoqualmie Valley Beekeepers is a non-profit organization in the Snoqualmie Valley, primarily serving the communities of North Bend, Snoqualmie, Fall City, Carnation, Duvall, and the greater east side.

Club membership is $25 per year for a family. Club meetings are open to the public.

You can join by filling out the membership form and mailing it with your dues to the club’s PO Box.

Snoqualmie Valley Beekeepers Association
PO Box #70
North Bend, WA 98045

The organization is governed by the attached bylaws: SVB Bylaws

2018 Officers:

President: Diane Price
Vice President: Todd Myers
Secretary:  Debbie Weddle
Treasurer:  Susan Will

2018 Board Members:

Melody Granillo
Charles Schaffer
David Springgay
Dave Treiber
Mike Skripek

2018 Committees:

Apiary: Charles Schaffer, Bob Combs

Bylaws: Dave Treiber

Equipment Rental: Diane Price

Fundraisers: Melody Granillo

Hospitality: Kerstin Springgay

Membership: Andy Matelich, Diane Price

Mentoring: David Springgay

Outreach: OPEN

Programs: Pamela Hiller-Alexander

Public Information Officer: Dave Treiber

Summer Picnic: Erin Button, Meghan Woodard

Training & Education: Bob Combs, Charles Schaffer

Website: David Springgay

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