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looking for used queen excluder

We are looking for 2 queen excluders to buy/borrow .  thanks Ryan and Leah 425-736-3204

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May Hive Calendar

Feed new colonies and monitor your existing ones. Spring can be a time of long draw-out rainy spells (this year in particular). Make sure all colonies have ample access to sugar or honey stores. A pollen patty isn’t a bad … Continue reading

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Extractor Funds Drive

As mentioned at the meeting we’re going forward with the idea of “Extractor Benefactors”. Last count, we had 11 people interested in being benefactors. With that number, we can fully fund an extractor through benefactors. Donations are $50, and you … Continue reading

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Package Day

Packages arrived today. Should be a whole lot of new pollinators in the valley this week. Please bring empty package boxes to the meeting on Tuesday.

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